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As a Green Flag school, we are very keen to ensure that our children care for our environment and become responsible citizens.

You will find everything you need to know about how eco issues are covered throughout the school.


We are part of the national schools

‘Eco Action Committee’ set up by Wastebuster and Recycle Now.


The national schools ‘Eco Action Committee’ set up by Wastebuster and Recycle Now puts pupils from across the country at the forefront of developing campaigns tackling
environmental issues through school and family engagement. The committee of elected
pupils (7-11) will be consulted on all matters including, but not limited to, resource and
campaign development for schools and families’ engagement in recycling.

The 2018/19-academic year focus will be on ‘plastic’. An extremely topical issue and our
pupils will help shape and develop campaigns that will inspire the reduction and recycling

of plastic in schools and within households across the UK.


Objective of the committee

• To help young people develop communication and leadership skills through the experience of being part of a working national committee.

• To give young people a voice to help shape environmental campaigns and resource development.

• To develop effective campaigns that reduce waste and improve recycling in schools

and within households.


Selection process

20 Primary Schools from across the country have been invited to join the committee basedon previous recycling or environmental activity (e.g. involvement in previous Wastebuster campaigns, active Eco Schools members, or their reputation as sustainable schools).




Eco Action Committee



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Click on the link to see how the Year 4 Eco Warriors are recycling whiteboard pens.



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Woodland Trust Green Tree Schools

Picture 1 Bronze Award
Picture 2 Silver Award

RSPB Bird Watch 2018

Find out what Class 2 have been learning about and doing linked to the RSPB Bird Watch 2018.

Gallery of Eco Work- 2017-18

​Gallery Of Eco Work 2016- 17

Previous Eco Activities

Eco Council Energy Play

Every member of the Eco Council worked hard to create a play with energy saving messages.


In Scene 1, "Joey" is seen playing on his X-Box. When called for dinner, he leaves his X-Box on, despite the reminder from his mum to switch it off. That night, as he sleeps, he dreams that three "energy inspectors" visit his room. They seem to show great interest in the X-Box which is still on. In an interview, the inspectors explain their concerns. By leaving the X-Box on when it isn't in use, energy is being wasted. The inspectors tell us that wasting energy adds unnecessary pollution into the environment and, because it is expensive, wastes money too.


Scene 2 focuses on lights being left on in empty classrooms. When the morning's lesson is finished, the teacher asks everybody to line up for lunch. The children (with the kind help of School Councillors to make up numbers) leave the room, but no one switches the lights off. Again, the energy inspectors appear and make notes about energy being wasted. At that moment, Joey reappears in the classroom. (The inspectors hide.) He says he has been thinking about his dream and now  knows why the inspectors were investigating his X-Box. He promises to switch his X-Box off when he goes home. He then notices that the lights have been left on in the classroom and the  play ends when he switches them off.


(Joey should have received a trophy as an award from the inspectors for changing his ways! Apologies from Miss Mathias for jumping to the end before this had taken place!!)


Thank you to all the Eco Councillors for their commitment and creativity in devising such a thoughtful play. You have helped us to think about the way we use electronic and other energy consuming equipment at home and at school. As a result of watching the play, all of us will make a special effort to save energy by switching off lights and devices when not in use.

The energy play in action

Class Projects

Click on the links below to see what eco projects we have been doing in our classes.

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