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Beech leaves


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Eco logs: Eco logs are logs made up of torn up newspaper which is then put into a bucket of water and left there for a day. It is then put in a hand worked compressor and compressed. Then it is taken out and left to dry for a month. You can get log making machines from Amazon for around £20.

Beech leaves: Beech leaves are leaves which we have collected and then left to dry from the damp. They are then put in used newspaper. Lastly, they are put on the fire to get it going. It is a good idea because it is completely eco and better than firelighters.

Kindling bunches: Kindling bunches are kindling we have gathered from the woods and then wrapped in raffia. Raffia is a sort of hay type fibre which we use to wrap up the sticks.

Tree: At the Christmas fair, we had an eco stall. All the money raised, £22, went to The Rainforest Alliance. Nicholson's kindly said we had done a very good job and said we could choose a tree of our choice for free. We are going to choose a tree with fruit on so we can support the birds.

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