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To Class Six and their parents

Thank you so much for the card and voucher.

Good luck in your new school. I will miss you all.

Mrs Marshall x 


Design and Technology: Robot making..... part 1!!

RE Encounter Zones with Mrs Ledger!

End of term Chalk Drawing 22-05-15

Have a peek at us practising our Cheltenham Festival Entry!

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 What are the benefits of living in a multi-cultural society?


Living in a multi-cultural society has advantages and disadvantages. However there are many more advantages such as it makes people more tolerant and learn about different people’s beliefs, language, clothing, and what they do in everyday life. It also makes the majority of people more respectful towards people’s beliefs.

Just in the UK alone there are two hundred and seventy different languages spoken. Immigrants are essential to the world’s work force in every industry from banking to chefs, neuro surgery to office cleaning, IT work to childcare and many more. Approximately three quarters of London’s four hundred thousand workers in restraints, bars, pubs and hotels are from abroad!

Britain is and always has been a mixed race society. Early in history Britain was invaded by Romans, Saxons, Vikings and Norman armies and later Africans were brought to Britain by forces as slaves and servants in the seventeenth and eighteenth century. Africans and black people were treated awfully and didn’t have a nice life at all back then

We all live in a multi-cultural society and the majority of us think of it as a good thing .Mainly because we learn new languages, dress codes, foods, different people’s beliefs and faiths and many more! Personally I believe it’s a good thing that we live in a multi-cultural society and learn about people’s religions and beliefs. Do you think it’s a good thing that we live in a multi-cultural society?



"Tope La" Asking and Answering question in French!

Easter Reflection at Steeple Aston Church

Our class Visit to The Globe Theatre in London.

SPELLINGS and TIMES TABLES- Week Beginning: 22nd June 2015


























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