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Blog up to the end of 8th of May 2015


Recently in year 6 we have prepared for our SATs by doing lots of revision papers in class under test conditions.

It is going to be a busy week next week but we get to enjoy a brain busting snack and drinks before hand!


We have also been working hard as a class practicing for the Cheltenham Festival next week and have almost perfected our performance. Our entry includes Poetry, A Shakespeare extract, Dancing and Singing.

Fingers crossed we continue with the Dr Radcliffe's running streak!


This week we held the Dr Radcliffe's Election in the school hall, everyone in the whole school voted after the candidates expressed their views and policies,  The Conservatives, lead by Zack Ibrahim won the vote, more about this can be seen on the home page of Dr Radcliffe's website.


The whole school has had access to an exciting new maths programme called Mathletics, this lets children develop their maths skills by challenging their friends and playing against other children at other schools around the world!!


Year 5 and 6 had a fire safety talk from a fire safety officer who visited the school and gave us some advice and information, explaining the importance of checking your smoke alarm once a week and to make a family fire escape  plan.







Week beginning 23rd March 2015     


In year six this week we set the opening scene of Macbeth for Cheltenham, attempted a challenging science SAT paper, made an exciting London themed cross-word and we watched the year 3 and 4 play which was fantastic!

Today, Friday, we had a nice supply teacher called Miss Smith, and did a 10 word spelling test. Earlier this week we also had an enormous spelling test, containing 50 spellings. We are still waiting for the results!

As you can imagine the whole class have had great fun this term and are excited in anticipation of our residential trip to Kilvrough in Wales.


By Oscar and Nathan.      


Blog Week


Beginning: 23rd February

(By Archie and Kurt)


Finally the special week has come!!! We have raised enough money for Year 6 to go on their trip to London. Yay!!!

On Wednesday we set out very early in the morning to travel to the Globe Theatre. We started the day off with a tour of the Globe Theatre. We had to keep really quiet because there was a rehearsal going on for 'Othello'. Then we took part in a workshop all about Macbeth. We had to think about how to say different lines from the play and we had to think about how they would say it to each other in different ways.


Then we travelled through London to the Theatre Royal Drury Lane to see a production of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory - The Musical. Our whole class through it was amazing and on top of all the fundraising we had enough money to buy a programme, an ice-cream, a wrist band and a miniature book of all Shakespeare's Plays each!!! One of the highlights of the show was how they created the Oompa Loompas using their hands instead of feet.


Here are two poems that we wrote about the show:


Cheer up Charlie


Cheer up Charlie

Your usually glad

But today you're very, very sad


You desperately want a chocolate bar

To find out what a lucky winner you are


Charlie and his family are struggling to eat

It Would be nice for them to have a treat


For Grandpa Joe to stand on his toes

And for Charlie Bucket to find a lucky Golden Ticket!


If you open Mr Wonka's magical door

You will find a magical chocolate fountain on the floor


By Kurt Green


Charlie bought a chocolate bar.


Charlie bought a chocolate bar

And ran home to his grandpapa

He showed his family his wonder

And gosh how Grandpa George did splunder!


With a big smile and ragged clothes he wore

He ran to the golden gates for a tour

With Grandpa Joe at his side

And Willy Wonka as his guide


The chocolate factory was a delight

Oh, it was such an amazing sight!

The Oompa-Loompas were spectacular

And all the other visitors were bizarre


Charlie was the winner

So he got his chocolate dinner

Willy Wonka took his hand

And said my chocolate is turning bland

I need some more inspiration

With your pure imagination


By Archie Parker







Year 6 Blog - week beginning 12th January

(BY Harry G & Torin H)

This week was stressful because of all of the assessments!!! Despite this we did have some fun including cricket with our old teacher Mr Winter which was so close, the final score was 92-93 and that was really enjoyable. Also on Wednesday we started our London project which was good and we were looking at famous monuments. All around the class we had brilliant ideas about different famous landmarks. I think everybody in the class learned something from other peoples projects. 


Our first assessment was maths A followed by long writing task. Then we did science A and level 3-5 grammar and punctuation test while the level 6 people did a really hard test. Even though it was not necessarily the most exciting of weeks we worked hard enough to get golden time on Friday, in which I brought in my mini remote control helicopter -Torinsurprise, which was really fun. Finally - some good news!!!! We have collected all the money required to pay for the tickets / coach for our class trip to London to see Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (which is a huge relief) - the great thing now is that all the extra money raised will help pay for us all to have programmes and an ice-cream in the interval - who knows we may even be able to buy a souvenir for everyone??!! That is pretty much all that went in this jam-packed week but we still enjoyed it as we do every week. 


     Monday 8th- Friday 12th of December



 On Monday morning we had a single word spelling test. It had 50 words that we had to spell! After that we performed our play to Year 5. We then had a class debate about whether  people should be allowed to dress according to their faith.

 Later on we did had a math lesson on line graphs which was fun, then we rehearsed our Christmas production which went well .

On Tuesday we had another rehearsal followed by a whole school assembly. After that classes 3,4,5 and 6 went to the creation theatre in Oxford production of The Wind in the Willows, it was BRILLIANT!

The next day we started writing our theatre reviews. After break we learnt about converting metric measurements. Soon after lunch we watched the year 1 and 2 production of The Landlords Cat, It was amazing! Then we had an in class rehearsal of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.

On Thursday we performed our play to Year 5 again. It went really well. After break we saw the year R production of the Whoops-a-Daisy Angel, they were all fantastic!

 After that we had an RE lesson with Mrs Ledger followed by games. We played either football, netball or tag rugby, it was good fun but rather chilly!

 On Friday Mr Winter took the class, first thing we finished off our reviews of Wind In The Willows and had a play rehearsal to show Mr Winter how well our Christmas performance is coming along.

After break we had our usual Friday test hour and in the afternoon we watched War Game and wrote letters home as if we were one of the soldiers in the war.

At the end of the day we counted up our class points and had earned enough for some choosing time where we played board games with our friends.



Monday-We had the big write just before the big write we did some planning for it so every one could discuss and share ideas the big write was about what we thought the three greatest inventions were of the last 100 years. Everyone did really well! Before the big write  we had to write down our spellings so we could do our test today ! In the afternoon we had circle time and rehearsal.


We had an early morning rehearsal which went well! In the afternoon we had a French and music lesson! In maths we have been learning about line graphs which has been good, we have learnt how to interpret information presented in different line graphs.


On Wednesday we learnt about Greek architecture which was really good fun it was like a mini project, most people did a big poster in their books about Greek architecture. Did you know there are three main Greek architectures which are Doric Ionic and Corinthian. We also got our homework!


We had singing assembly on Thursday after our maths groups with either Mr Fane , Mrs Brown or Mr Brigg. After morning break we had reading comprehension groups with either  Mrs Ledger , Mrs Marshall , Mrs Sutton or Mr Brigg.


We have been setting up for the Christmas fair .We also had test hour on our spellings we wrote down in our list books on Monday. After test hour we did our mental maths groups!frown



Year 6 Blog 3rd November

At the start of our amazing week we had a really fun big write about a trainer try-out! We had to write about trying on the new local sports shops trainer. That went really well. We had a rehearsal and that involved singing songs in our Christmas production called Little Red Ridding Hood.

After lunch we had circle time which is always really good and we talked about saints and why they are saints. On Tuesday we had a great maths lesson which was about prime factors and divisibility/division. After that we had a lesson on grammar spelling and punctuation. Then had  fun in our French lesson and we had a test.

On Wednesday we did some hand writing practice and also had a term 2 maths assessment which was ok for some people.

That night it was bonfire night which everybody enjoyed. On Thursday we started the day with topic work such as life in Sparta. Some people went to the cross country. Year 5 and 6 girls came 2nd and boys came 3rd. while some of the children in our class had a Re lesson with Mrs ledger 6 people went to a maths challenge at St Edwards college with Mr Brigg. Friday was a  nice and relaxed day as we had a science and maths test. We also followed up on our class topic work and finished the day with some nerve racking auditions for our Christmas performance.

Week beginning 13th October 2014

This week has been another busy one. We have learnt lots including how to do long multiplication and division, including how to calculate a remainder as a decimal (some of them were very long!) In history we learnt all about Athenian education, did you know that we get the word 'school' from the Greek word 'schole' which means leisure, this is because in Greece only the richest people would have had the time to be educated. On Thursday some of our class took part in a tag-rugby tournament, we got all the way to the finals but unfortunately we didn't win. The good news is we have got through to the next stage of the competition!! This week for our Big Write we had to retell a famous Greek myth / legend. This is my writing (Luke) I scored a 5B!!


This week's blog was brought to you by Luke and Jack K

Week beginning: 6th October

This week has been packed. We’ve nearly finished our dance: Jai Ho. We’re all feeling confident and can’t wait to finish it. The theme of the week this week was perseverance.

We had a fun circle time and we learnt lots. In maths we finished off our pie charts then did the Big Write which was about your favourite poem, why you like it and what your favourite parts were.

Tuesday was even better, we did even more pie chart work. As the day went on we wrote out a lovely poem called Stop all the Clocks.  In French we translated text from a piece of writing called le petit dejuener or in English the small lunch or breakfast. Music was fun we continued our theme on classical Greek music.

On Wednesday we swapped from pie charts to number sequences which, in some people’s views, were harder. The really complicated bit was we had to try to find the nth term. The rest of the day was spent on classical Greece and finding out what happened in a normal day in Athens. We had to find out about the kyria (the house wife) the kyrios (the master of the house) and what they did in the house.

Not everyone was here on Thursday as some people were at the Warriner and the Marlborough, but those who were here did algebra and how to use it in a line graph. Then we went into our separate comprehension groups and in the afternoon we started designing our Greek masks which we are going to make out of clay. Most of the designs we’ve seen are brilliant. Finally we had P.E where we were in our groups to either do netball, football or tag rugby.

Finally and by far the best was Friday we started by finishing our Greek work and then we made a presentation on our smartphone APPS we designed last Friday which was great fun. Then we had the hour of test and the times tables were 7 and 8 times tables. In the afternoon we did science which was about the main organs of the body and their functions. Last of all we had the class debate which was about sexism: should boys and girls be educated separately? So overall this was one of the best weeks so far. I can’t wait till next week     

This week’s Bloggers are Owen and Torin. Commencing 22-9-14



During the week some interesting activities were…

 First of all the big write, we were asked to write a story about what the little boy who lived down the lane did with Ba Ba Black sheep’s wool. There were some funny ideas and stories about this!

We also practised for a dance the song we were dancing to a song that was called Jai ho.

In maths we have been learning all about algebra. Some people found this quite hard but we have learnt how to solve simple equations. See if you can solve this: A= the sum of B plus 6 squared. If B = 4 what is A?

On Thursday we went to St Peter’s and St Paul’s church for the Harvest Festival, the choir performed for the first time this year and Class 5 did the readings. On that day we had to bring in some tinned food for the charity for people who don’t have enough food in Banbury.

Another interesting and fun thing we did was turning our English names into Greek then sketching them out in our sketch books to be then copied onto a piece of A4 paper to go on display. The letters of the names had to be filled with pictures of things we like.

And that was our exciting week

By Harry. G and Thomas

Year 6 Blog – week beginning 15th September 2014

Hello folks and welcome to the brand new Year 6 Blog!!!

This week the blog is brought to you by:

Sebastien and Callum!!!

 We had our spellings and times tables (4 and 6) test and did quite well.  We also had the big had THE BIG WRITE! It was all a about who we would have to an imaginary dinner party. I had Winston Churchill, Dennis the Menace and David Walliams. We had a writing task as well this week. It was all about a change in time and it was fun and I really enjoyed it. Mr. Brigg taught us a dance this week. It was called “Jai Ho” and I found it quite difficult but fun. Mr. Brigg told us, if we get good, we might perform it – if we do we will film it and put it onto the website for you to see. Mr. Brigg is a really good teacher and we are all looking forward to the year.