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Day 1


'Chicken Nuggets, Duvets & Taking the Scenic Route!' 


So Year 5 & 6 have finally arrived at Woodlands OEC after a four hour journey (!!) taking what I can only describe as the scenic route - and seemed to take in quite a lot of the Cotswolds, a bit of the M5, a brief wave across the valleys to my mum in Ross on Wye, two lots of vomit & one held safely and one a missed catch!


The children then set to work unpacking - always great fun when you find one or two children actually inside their duvet covers, a plethora of underwear and socks liberally sprinkling the floor and the odd dropped toothbrush here and there; we now seem to have that sorted and in theory they are all in bed drifting off to sweet dreams of canoeing, caving and climbing. In reality, there seems to be quite a lot of giggling coming from various quarters of the house and we can hear the patter of tiny feet just above us; writing the blog is a good ruse for getting out of having to go upstairs and check, but I can only string this out for so long. 


Following orientation around the centre - each of the groups embarked on an afternoon of problem solving and team building exercises the idea being that this will help to develop the skills they will need for the week. Supper next, which much to the children's delight was chicken nuggets (sorry goujons!) & chips - I'm not sure the adults were of quite the same opinion. The end of the meal was saved by a surprisingly good apple crumble and custard. We then went out on an evening walk to the top of a hill by the centre which was a stunning vantage point for viewing the Black Mountains and the Brecon Beacons. Everyone seems in good spirits and the children have taken part in everything with huge enthusiasm. 


I have put just a small selection of photos from today's activities on the blog. Please don't be offended if you can't see your child there - we will endeavour to include everyone at some point over the week. 


More news tomorrow...