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Year 5

Welcome to Class 5!






Thank you for visiting Class 5's page. Below you can find useful information about Year 5. We will also be adding pictures to the Gallery of Work, showing examples of some of the things we have been working in in Year 5.


 Term 3 and 4


Our topic work this term is based around 'The Power of the Earth'. We will be investigating plate tectonics and finding out why earthquakes and volcanoes occur. We will be learning about the Solar System in science, finding out about the planets and answering questions about the seasons, eclipses and why we have day and night.


We had a fantastic visit in February to the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies and Mosque which was extremely interesting and very successful.


Term 1 and 2


The class have made a great start to the year! We are learning about the Ancient Maya in history and about the properties of materials in science. In computing we have begun making maze games using Scratch and are trying out some weaving skills in art.


Check back soon to find out more about our work this term!