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Send a Cow

Harvest for Life 2017

As part of our children’s development it is important that they become aware of the concept of money, not only for their own wellbeing, but also how fund-raising can help people less fortunate than themselves. Year 4 have chosen to support the charity Send a Cow in the campaign called Harvest for Life.


Send a Cow is a Christian charity that works hand in hand with rural families across East Africa so that they can grow enough food to feed themselves, sell produce and develop livelihoods that last. Harvest for Life campaign is designed to help some of the poorest farmers in Africa feed their families.


Each child has been given a plastic container to fill the cup with loose coins.  £30 could buy the seeds, tools and training to set up an allotment. £100 could buy a bicycle, boots and a barrow. These gifts will help families to have a better future. 


"I want to help families in Africa because I want them to be happy." (Flynn Topliss)


"It's important to helps families in Africa because they need fresh water." (Chloe  C)


"I want to help families in Africa so that they have food and shelter like me." (Olivia)

we've made a 'Veg Pledge'

Counting the Money!

We had great fun counting all the money we had raised. With our collection and the money raised by the cake sale our parents organised, we raised £162. Thank you to everyone who supported us with this cause.