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Science - Fish Keeping

Class 3 are lucky enough to have been chosen to take part in a special fish keeping programme run by Maiden head Aquatics. To find out more about the programme click here:


We are learning all about setting up and looking after a tropical aquarium. The first step was to set up our aquarium; we added water, filters, heater, gravel and plants and tested our water ready to make sure it is safe for our fish.


This week has been an exciting one with the arrival of our first fish; 5 Zebra Danios. We have learnt about the characteristics of these fish, the nitrogen cycle, and also how photosynthesis helps provide oxygen for our fish. We already feel like fish keeper experts so if you want to know more come and ask someone in class 3!


Oh...and of course our new fish have names chosen by the children: Barry, Jack, Hector, Romulus and Jeffrey.