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RWInc and Reading

Oxford Owl is a fantastic website with lots of helpful and useful resources to support your child learn to read with phonics through RWInc. The link below gives you some great tools to help, including the pronunciation guide the sounds (we don't say letter names), amongst other many useful tools. 


Don't forget that you can ask us any questions too, we're more than happy to help. 

Below is a link to a video that shows you how each of the Set 1 sounds are pronounced. It is important that the children say the sounds in this way as this enables them to blend sounds together to read words successfully. 

Letters and Information sent home relating to RWInc

Reading at home

Reading with your child is an essential part of developing their love of reading. If you haven't already, set up a routine where you read a story to your child every evening before they go to bed, it doesn't matter if they want to read the same story again and again. We know that lives are busy, but make sure that this time with your child is always provided. Hearing a wide range of vocabulary is essential for developing children's communication and language skills, builds their comprehension skills, and they will love hearing your character voices too. 


As your child learns to read themselves, add time to your routines at home for them to show off their reading skills. Setting this routine up from the start of learning their sounds will ensure they become confident readers who love to read.