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The school is a member of The Warriner Partnership, which comprises The Warriner School and the nine primary schools in The Warriner School's catchment area.


The aim of the Partnership is to provide, through co-operation and collaboration, quality and continuity of education for all the children who attend our schools. The Partnership is built on a commitment to sharing.


The Partnership schools have developed and sustained a range of activities for our children, which are the core of all our collaborative work. These activities now span the whole curriculum.


Many of the Partnership events take place at The Warriner School. This enables the primary children to become familiar with The Warriner Campus and its facilities and to meet members of The Warriner teaching staff before they become pupils at the school.


In preparation for their transfer to The Warriner School, Year 6 children, together with their parents, are invited to an Autumn Term Open Evening at The Warriner School. During the following Summer Term all the Year 6 children take part in a carefully planned "Induction Programme". As a major part of this programme, the children work on a personal project in the second half of the term, which helps them to introduce themselves to their future tutor group colleagues and this is then integrated into some of their early work at The Warriner.