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Our first trip to the woods November 2021

The children have thoroughly enjoyed visiting the woods this week. The children have learnt the rules that we have in the woods to keep everyone safe, which are in addition to the Golden Rules which still apply in the woods. We then followed the blue rope around the area that we can play in – the blue rope marks out our safe area and the children know they are not allowed over or under the blue rope. The children were surprised at how much space they have.


We had a good look around us and the children noticed that the leaves are falling off the tress and know that this is because we are in the season of Autumn. They enjoyed having some time to explore by themselves, remembering to move large branches around by dragging them behind them. Some used some of the branches as brooms to sweep up the leaves, others had fun using the branches to make shelters and some tried making a 'fire.' Lots more fun to be had up here in future weeks.