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"The Red Door" a poem by Class 6

The Red Door

What does the red door mean to you?

The door to an office or your dreams come true?


What is this mysterious red door you see?

It is different for you and it is different to me.


Look past the red door and what will you find?

Gladness or sadness of every kind?


This is what the red door means to my friend,

It’s the door to the doctors where she hopes pain will end.


This is what the red door means to my Dad,

It holds his childhood dreams when he was a lad.


This is a door where you meet inspiration,

A door that is made of pure imagination!


For some it’s the door of the Head Teachers lair,

Where the dragon lays waiting in his favourite chair.


I opened my red door and what do I see?

It’s all of my family waiting for me!