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Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Poems

Cheer up Charlie


 Cheer up Charlie

Your usually glad

But today you're very, very sad

You desperately want a chocolate bar

To find out what a lucky winner you are

Charlie and his family are struggling to eat

It Would be nice for them to have a treat

For Grandpa Joe to stand on his toes

And for Charlie Bucket to find a lucky Golden Ticket!

If you open Mr Wonka's magical door

You will find a magical chocolate fountain on the floor

By Kurt Green


Charlie bought a chocolate bar.


Charlie bought a chocolate bar

And ran home to his grandpapa

He showed his family his wonder

And gosh how Grandpa George did splunder!

With a big smile and ragged clothes he wore

He ran to the golden gates for a tour

With Grandpa Joe at his side

And Willy Wonka as his guide

The chocolate factory was a delight

Oh, it was such an amazing sight!

The Oompa-Loompas were spectacular

And all the other visitors were bizarre

Charlie was the winner

So he got his chocolate dinner

Willy Wonka took his hand

And said my chocolate is turning bland

I need some more inspiration

With your pure imagination

By Archie Parker