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In the woods making bird feeders - linked to RSPB Bird Watch

We had a lovely afternoon in the woods today. One part of our session was linked to our learning earlier in the week linked to British Birds and the RSPB Garden Bird Watch which is happening this weekend.


We have talked about how important birds are to our environment. They eat bugs and some bugs we don't like much like midges which we saw a few of today, but also how they help the dispersal of plant seeds. To help look after the birds during the winter months when there isn't so much food, we had a go at making some bird feeders. Lots of fine motor skills practise as part of making these two types of bird feeder as well.


Once we were back in the classroom, I hung all the bird feeders on the trees near our outdoor area. Hopefully, we'll see some birds having a tasty treat and begin to be able to identify them too and build up our knowledge of more common British Birds.