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Fire Fighter Game - team work and running skills

This week in PE, we began with a warm up around the small track up near the Samuel Radcliffe Building. Some of the children acted as bridges which the other children could pass under when they had given the person who was the bridge a compliment. The children were encouraged to think about how kind their friends were, that they had lovely eyes, a nice smile, were a good friend etc. The smiles of the faces of the children who were bridges just shows how they felt hearing all the lovely comments. 

When we moved to the big playground, Mrs Sargant, taught us the Fire Fighter running game. One person is the fire fighter and has to rescue the children at the other end of cones, one at a time. This does involve lots of running for the fire fighter who had to go to and fro three times to rescue everybody. It was a great game to keep everyone warm which was needed on a chilly day like today.