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Emergency procedure for closing the school

This is to inform everyone, especially new parents, of the procedure if the school should have to close. This might happen as a result of severe weather or failure of the school heating or for other emergencies.

If school is not opening in the morning, or is having a later start time, messages are relayed to parents in the following ways:
  1. Via Local Radio stations. These will be notified as soon as a decision to close has been made. If you suspect that school may be closed please listen to one of the following:
    a) Radio Oxford (VHF/FM 95.2)
    b) Jack FM (VHF/FM 106.8)
    c) HEART Radio. (VHF/FM 102.6 and 97.4)
  2. Groupcall text messaging system to parents' mobile phones.
  3. A message will be placed on the school answerphone
  4. Class telephone trees via the class representatives. The class representatives will be contacted as soon as any decision regarding school closure is taken and asked to start the telephone tree going. Please make sure your class rep has your up to date mobile and home phone numbers so that any changes to the telephone tree can be made.
  5. School website. Messages will also be placed on the school website. We will contact our website engineers as soon as any decision regarding school closure is made and they will endeavour to update the website immediately. However please be aware that this may take some time if they are posting similar messages on websites for a number of schools.