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DT/Community Dog poo bag project - Oct

The Parish Council asked us for help with the increase in dogs fouling in the village, suggesting that distributing more dog poo bags might be a solution.


We took on the challenge in class 3. First we did some market research, then designed our own poo bag dispensers using recycled materials. We thought about the specifications of our product and decided it needed to be waterproof and able to attach onto a post.


We chose our best design and made them, then Mrs Brown came to choose the best products. Everyone worked really hard did some excellent problem solving and design modifications.


We also designed posters to go with the dispensers.


Finally we looked at a map of the village and decided on the best places to locate the dispensers thinking about the habits of dog walkers.


Keep your eyes out for our creations around the village.



The 5 winning dispensers

Winning posters

Using maps to choose suitable locations for our dispensers.