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Dr Radcliffe's Trust

Dr Radcliffe's Trust


The income of the Trust can be used for the maintenance and improvement of the school, with any further special benefits the Trustees may consider necessary and which are not the responsibility of the L.A.

  Scholarship Funds available from the Trust  

16-18 year olds: Are you... 16 - 18 years old? Studying at school or college? Living in Steeple or Middle Aston or did you go to Dr Radcliffe's School for more than 2 years? Would you like help with the costs of studying?


18-25 year olds: Are you about to take up higher or further education, or apprenticeship or formal job training? Are you already on a course? The Dr Radcliffe's School Foundation invite applications for financial assistance.



Mrs Kate Tomlinson (Chair)
Mrs Jean Anne Atkins
Mrs Lisa Boote
Mr David Baker

Mrs Caroline Compston
Mrs Tina Ferguson
Mr James Macnamara
Mr Paul Beadman
Mr Edward Dowler
Mrs Anna Thatcher

Mrs Mary Williams
Rev Marcus Green

The Trust is administered by the Clerk to the Trustees,

Dr Radcliffe's School Foundation
5000 Oxford Business Park South
Tel: 01865 781127

Clerk to the Trustees: Mr Nigel Roots