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Day 4 - It's all about the floss!

Good evening folks - well it looks like we have nearly made it to the end of our Woodlands experience and this is going to be a super quick blog so that I can go and watch England hopefully beat Belgium!


Today's 'blog title is imaginatively titled 'it's all about the floss'. Those of you who are not familiar with 'the floss' might have seen (mostly) boys all over the school (and apparently all over the country - according to various teaching websites) standing still on the spot wiggling their hips in one direction whilst their arms perform the same movement in reverse - it's something of a national craze at the moment and has not escaped our residential trip. So the deal was today that the children in my activity group were only allowed to 'do the floss' if they first managed to climb the awesome totem pole, stand on top and then they were allowed to perform the infamous floss - we thought we were quite safe making this deal with them, but it seems that we were wrong, as 10 out of the 12 children were able to shimmy up the pole (in harness of course) and on the very top of what looks quite like a telegraph pole and has a diameter of no more than 20cm, actually perform a very passable dance -  I am now 20 Deputy Head Awards down on the deal!


As well as climbing, one group has been out caving today, one group out mountain walking and the other two have completed the high ropes, the climbing wall & the afore mentioned totem pole - I even had a go on the zip-wire myself (see slide show) the children were all very amused and said they knew I was nervous because my voice and my breathing seemed to change...very perceptive - it's amazing how high it looks when you're standing up there!


All in all it's been a great week and I would like to say a huge thank you to Frances, Becky, Hannah, Tom, Neil and Matt for all their help this week; they're all stars - by the time we get back each of us will have clocked up something like an 80 hour week - time for a good rest when we get back methinks. The children have shown the true Dr Radcliffe's spirit and not given up in the face of adversity - or lost their senses of humour. Massive thank you again to the Woodlands staff who have been brilliant as always.


See you all tomorrow - we expect to be back at school around 5 but will keep you all updated via the telephone tree.


Over and out...COME ON ENGLAND!