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Day 4


'Belt-Pants & Squidgy Bits!'


Today's anecdote comes fresh to you from Group 2 who have been working with Mrs Roberts all week. They spent the day on various climbing and jungle-gym activities. As they were getting themselves strapped into their safety harnesses, one of the group remarked that they looked a bit like belt-pants and when the various necessary straps had been tightened and the safety checks made, someone else remarked that they were a bit 'snug' - this became more apparent when the harnesses were being used for their intended purpose, taking the full body weight on the abseil down the climbing wall - leading someone else to exclaim: 'Oooh mind your squidgy bits!' Needless to say this became the phrase of the day. 


We are just coming towards the end of our packing and shopping evening, which like most other evenings involves quite a lot of running around the centre, screaming loudly. The additional characteristics of this particular evening are the amount of random boxers (it's always boxers for some reason?!), odd socks and various other items left lying around, the flat-out denial that they belong to anyone and various shrieks such as '..has anyone seen my pink crop top?' 'Someone's stolen all my clothes from the drying room!' and 'I know I put my Woodlands fleece on my peg - where's it gone?' It's all part of the fun!


Tomorrow we are all mountain walking and our planned departure time is 1:30pm. So all being well, we should be back with you sometime between 4:30 and 5:00pm. This will be my final blog of the week - thank you for reading and I hope you have found it entertaining. If not my name is Tom Fane writing under a pseudonym. 


Huge thanks to all the staff who have attended this year and given up a week away from their families, friends, comfortable beds and warm showers! Their commitment to the children of Dr Radcliffe's and the importance of this kind of experience is quite simply, outstanding. I'd also like to thank the staff here at Woodlands OEC for their dedication to keeping the outdoor education sector alive through the pandemic and under the most arduous of circumstances. The experiences the children have had, the memories they've made and the skills that they have developed will, I hope, stay with them for many years to come. 


Over and out.