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Day 3

Kilvrough Residential Blog - Day 3


"Burnt Knees"


So, that evening activity that I mentioned on last night's blog - my most avid readers will know what I mean - anyway that evening activity, the den building one - it turns out that in my absence the other staff had decided pouring water over the top the people inside to test the efficacy of their water-proofing and insulation techniques was, on reflection, not the best idea just before bedtime and so it turned into more of an episode of Grand Designs (except without that really irritating presenter). It also turns out that one of the groups had a huge row during the construction of their den - split into three groups - let one group do most of the work and then reunited just before the final judging cramming 11 of themselves & Mr Fane into a shelter that had only been intended for 4 people. The judging panel were also treated to a variety of welcomes to each of the shelters - including a slightly unexpected cat-walk show - starring two of the boys, modelling the latest in rhododendron-wear. Anyway, my group won, so justice prevailed in the end.


More great weather today - with two groups out climbing, one canoeing and my and Mrs Brown's group body-boarding. The question is - what do you do when there isn't very much surf to speed you into the shore-line and you're starting to get a bit frustrated? The answer is obvious of course, simply turn on your beloved and endlessly tolerant (haha) teacher and literally pelt him with as much water as you can physically propel at him using any means possible (body-boards are an ideal tool for this) and leave him resembling a drowned rat (albeit a slightly over-sized one) standing waist-deep in sea water.


This amusement having finished, we all had lunch on the beach and then those that didn't want to go back in the sea, played all afternoon in the rock-pools, building channels and castles in the sand and generally having a lovely time. Well they couldn't be left on their own, so while the intrepid surfers took to the seas again with the Kilvrough Instructors, Mrs Brown and I spent the afternoon on the beach working very hard in our supervisory role, soaking up a few rays and putting the world to rights. Unfortunately, someone forgot the sunblock on their knees! So if you were here now you'd see Frances doing her best geriatric impression and hobbling round the centre.


Meanwhile, the other staff all reported that their groups did brilliantly out on activity to day. Bonds are being formed across year groups and across the gender-divide as new friendships start to form over the course of the week; taking part in challenging activities is a great leveller.


Cottage pie and veg, followed by apple-strudel and custard this evening - very enjoyable. Bedtime last night was a great success with everyone asleep - or doing a very good impression of being asleep by just after 9:30 and the first wake up call of the Year 6 dawn chorus not heard until a very civilised 7:10am. I'm slightly later getting the blog up this evening and it sounds like the evening activity is coming to a close - a scavenger hunt I believe - so I'd better go and see what they've managed to scavenge (I hope it's some giant chocolate buttons!)


Two more sleeps...GUY