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Day 3


'Spelling, Geography and the Donut Challenge' 


It has became apparent after last night's blogging efforts, that I need to work on my spelling - having twice misspelled 'Brecon' as 'Breacon' in both Monday and Tuesday evening's blogs - corrections have been duly made and I've had a stern word with myself and promised to do better in future. The errors along with a plethora of other typos were spotted by the eagle eyes of Mr Fane and Mrs Brown. Now I know what my class must feel like. 


The weather has been kind to us today and the sun has shone, just in the nick of time as my and Mrs Roberts' group were out all day on the water canoeing. We managed an impressive 10km - although if you counted the number of zigzags you could probably double that figure. Part of our lunch today (which incidentally have been great) was a bag of fresh jam donuts, covered in icing sugar and I introduced my group to the joys of the donut - challenge: I bet you can't eat an entire donut without licking your lips! The children had never heard of the game but soon tucked into the entire bag in their efforts to either prove or disprove the theory. The game and the food is doing nothing for my ever expanding waistline - bang go my hopes of shedding a few pounds this week! 


This brings me onto my next anecdote. So while we were waiting in the minibus for the last of the canoes to be tied on (my offers of help having been politely declined - apparently granny knots are not de-rigeur in the canoeing world) one of the children asked me where Kilvrough Manor (the other Oxforshire OEC) was. Here is my chance I thought - to test some geographical knowledge and the effectiveness of this term's topic 'Global Citizens'. The conversation went something like this:

- ME: ...well Kilvrough Manor is on the Gower Penisula in South Wales and this piece of land juts out into the sea - but can anyone else tell me what this body of water is known as. I know anyone in Year 6 will be able to tell you this. 

- CHILD: I know this one, I know it The Stream of Hot Water? 

- ME: What?!

- CHILD: You know the warm sea that comes across and warms us up? 

- ME: (realisation dawning) ...umm do you mean the Gulf Stream - that comes all the way from Mexico and helps keep the UK climate mild?

- CHILD: That's the one!

My geography teaching clearly needs some tightening up! 


The children are all sleeping well - a few feeling a little bit homesick and looking forward to seeing you on Friday,  but nothing we haven't encountered before. I had an extended lie-in until 6:30am this morning - a rare treat of an extra 50 minutes. They are loving the activities and thriving on the challenges and excitements they encounter on each new day. It's climbing and jungle gym for my group tomorrow, more caving and more canoeing for the others. I'll update the blog at the usual time. 


Two more sleeps...