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Day 2


'The Pitter Patter of Little Feet, Caving Capers & Guess the Safety Helmet' 


Imagine my delight when I was gently awakened by the dulcet sounds of little feet and squeals of delight in the corridor outside my room as a whole boys' dorm decided, en masse, to go for an early morning toilet trip - only to glance at my phone and discover it was 5:40am...a very grumpy Mr Brigg, roused from peaceful slumber, let it be known in no uncertain terms that getting up time was...ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO BE 7:30! 


The day moved swiftly into the first full day of activities, my group and Mrs Robert's group made their way to Porth Yr Ogof caves right in the heart of the Brecon Beacons and one of the largest and most famous cave systems in the whole of the UK (please note the selfie taken as evidence that I did actually go). We enjoyed the delights of the wormhole, the letter box and even the toilet bowl. Mr Fane, Mrs Brown and their groups spent the day high in the trees, up the climbing wall and on the zip-wire, while Mrs Stansfeld and her group spent the day on the canal in canoes - culminating of course in the tradition of - if you haven't got yourself wet enough - why not all jump in at the end!


Talking of jumping into things, my group were given the chance to jump into the plunge pool - directly outside the entrance to the caves - just in case they hadn't got wet enough jumping down the toilet bowl. Unfortunately, my photography skills it seems, are not quite up to standard, and so by the time the camera actually took the pictures most of the children had disappeared into the water - leaving only a view of their safety helmets and the splash of water; I've posted a couple of pictures on the gallery for you to play guess the safety helmet - see if you can work out who they are. 


All the children had a brilliant day and were full of news of their exploits to share with their friends when they got back to the centre. In true Dr Radcliffe's style, they tackled every activity with 110% enthusiasm - some over coming some major fears and worries especially when it came to the caving and climbing!


That's it for now - I have managed to string out the typing of this blog for the entire evenings activity (photo-orienteering) - thus staying inside in the warm and now they're all coming in for a slightly earlier bedtime and lights out (in theory) at 8:45pm. 


More tomorrow...