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Day 1- We've arrived!!

Good evening from a gloriously sunny, Woodlands OEC, Glasbury on Wye. If you're not sure where that is imagine driving westwards until you get to Ross on Wye, turn right and drive up the border until you get near  to Hay on Wye (the place where they have the book festival) and then you're pretty much there.

The journey was reasonably uneventful if you discount a couple of full sick-bags and one rucksack - apart from that we made good time and arrived about 12:00 midday. Sadly, no DVD on the coach this year - austerity measures again I suspect...hmmm...(btw I hope you noticed that cheeky fronted adverbial I popped in there Year 6 parents!) Despite this, the children were remarkably well behaved and fairly quiet for the whole journey. After initial orientation around the building and all the usual health and safety essentials, the children all went unpack; when I say unpack this took various forms including the, just turn your suitcase upside down into the bottom of the wardrobe option and the I'm only going to have to pack again at the end of the week I'll just leave it all in my case alternative. I haven't dared check whether duvet covers have gone on correctly. I'm leaving that to Becky and Hannah.


The children then spent the afternoon on-site working on team building and problem solving activities designed to begin to build the group dynamics they will need for the more arduous activities planned for the rest of the week. They all had great fun and the weather was beautiful (...and yes we did remember to remind them all about sun-screen - I still remember the days when we used to call it sun-tan lotion and have to keep correcting myself).


Fish and chips for supper followed by fruit jelly in a very crowded and very hot dining room, will be rounded off this evening with a walk through the local woods - I am just wondering if I can get away with wearing my Birkenstocks - apparently not I'm told. I'm off canoeing with my group tomorrow (yay!) down the river Wye where some beautiful scenery and gentle rapids beckon! Hope all well back at Dr Rad's. Will update you all tomorrow.