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Cultural week Activities - Oct

As part of our class International Cultural Week we have been learning all about India.

On Thursday looked at some of the spices that are typically used in Indian dishes including Cardamom and Turmeric, studied where they come from and how they are grown and processed. We had a go at grinding Cardamom seeds and talked about the properties of different spices. 

Then we followed a recipe to make a classic Lassi (an Indian smoothie) and once it was blended together we each had a go at adding our own combination of sugar, salt and spices to make our own personal perfect Lassi. Come and see us in year 3 if you want to know more about Lassi making!

As part of our class cultural awareness week we learnt about some of the festivals and celebrations that happen in India. We found out about the popularity of kites and kite flying festivals across India and were inspired to make some of our own. We had a brilliant time testing them out and discovered that we didn't even need lots of wind to fly them just fast running legs!