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Bloxham School - Hockey - Years 5 and 6

On Thursday 17th of February two hockey teams went with Mr Fane and Mrs Murray to Bloxham Private School for a Warriner Partnership Tournament.

We took two teams made up of children from classes 5 and 6.

Team ‘A’ drew two games and lost three games and Tean ‘B’ lost two games and won three games which sent them through to the semi-finals!!
After the finals we had time for a friendly game also.

All the children had a brilliant time, played really well and showed great sportsmanship 😊


 “It was awesome fun and we even got biscuits and juice before we came back to school!”

Mohammed Jaddou 


“We played on astroturf and played 5 matches, It was really fun my team scored 5 goals! The key thing I learnt was that passing is super important”

Callie-Ann Barnes 

“The hockey was really fun and was a good challenge to play against other schools, I learnt a lot of new skills”

Eva Barrell