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Blog 8-2-19


Before we start, we must apologise about the fact that there was no blog last week. It is because Oliver and Joe completely forgot about their responsibilities as blog managers (the people who write the blogs). Oh and it’s a poetry competition today, so wish us luck (please)!

Monday started with maths and English lessons and produced some work for our LGBT display in the school entrance hall we finished off the day with circuits in the hall J

Tuesday was good, we went for the usual 2k run in the freezing cold, almost all of us feeling sad as the snow was disappearing. A quick flashback to last Friday, the snow day. In year 6 we built a gigantic snowman and attempted to start an igloo. We used snow bricks (compacted snow in tubs as moulds) and ‘snow – ment’ (normal snow). It was incredibly fun and cold! Me and Cecily enjoyed running and jumping into the snow! By the end of this we were both extremely cold and wet but had had a fab time.(There are pictures on the Year 6 page!)

Wednesday we had assembly and worked on our project work and it the afternoon we had our music and French lessons, which were very peaceful and quiet.

Thursday was, well just plain awkward. Why shall be explained towards the end of this paragraph. It started off pretty normal, though all of us knew what was coming. We started off with some morning maths then had singing assembly where we learnt a new song: ‘Be still, for the presence of the lord’. Afterwards more maths and break time. After break we changed for the 2k run, despite the cold, Up until lunch we focused on our topic, London. Then was lunch. Most people dreaded what was coming as it was sure to be awkward…..from 1 until 3 was puberty education with the school nurse. I will say no more on the subject…..

Halleluiah for FRIDAY!!! This morning has purely been our London work, and two lovely ladies, called Julia and Josie, helped us to learn our poems for the P- Factor contest this afternoon!!!! I am hoping to get through to the finals!!

We hope that you, dear reader, have enjoyed our article!

Cecily & Annabel