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Blog 5-10-18

Year 6 Blog

Friday 5th October 2018

Welcome to the year 6 blog!




On Monday we ran a 2k run, which I enjoyed as it keeps the class fit. After that, we focused on black history month work for the rest of the morning. After lunch, we went to Bloxham public pool to have a whole class swimming lesson which was great.



On Tuesday, half of the class were not at Dr Radcliffe’s as they were looking round Marlborough. The rest of the class finished our classical Greek work on theatres and started Black history month work, some of us also finished writing up our personification poems.



On Wednesday we continued the Black history month note taking then after lunch we had music and French.




Mrs Stansfield taught us Thursday morning, as Mr Brigg, Mrs Marshall and Mrs Sutton were on a course. That morning, we had our School photo. In the afternoon, we had Mrs Marshall, and we played frounders and R.E.


This morning we went for our 3rd 2k run of the week and had our usual test hour, I can’t tell you much about Friday afternoon because this is when we are writing the blog.


By Oliver Davis and Joe Lamb