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Blog 5-04-19

Blog 5/04/19

This week we were very excited as 1: it was the last week of term and 2: we had auditions and were finding out our parts for the play, “The Bard’s Best Bits” a combination of the best sections of the best Shakespeare plays!
The auditions took place on the morning of Monday, as there were more parts than auditionees,  so Mr Brigg has cast some people two parts.

Later that afternoon, we played rounders which was really fun!

On Tuesday, because Oliver’s absence was over we then got to know which parts Mr Brigg had cast us as, on Wednesday we had exciting music lesson as we were writing our own songs and listening to the top charts music. In French we were working on our instructions to forming ER verbs.

On Thursday we were doing  SATS revision in the morning and in the afternoon we had games (which only the people that wanted to did because It was really raining outside) after games we had RE.

On Friday we had T.C.T (Finishing off work)  in the morning and we had  a really exciting afternoon as Mr Brigg brought some Cream Eggs (out of his own pocket ) for us all to find!!

This week was really good for everyone, We love school :D

Joe Lamb & Oliver Davis