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Blog 3-05-19

BLOG 3-5-19


This week was mock SATs week, which was beneficial for everyone as it showed us what we needed to work on and what we didn’t; the papers we were being tested on were last year’s papers (2018).

On Monday, the first day of the week we began with SPAG and spellings, after that, in the afternoon we continued our rehearsals for our show The Bards Bits.

The next day we did a reading paper which we all did amazingly well; 73%  of the class got exceeding and the rest meeting! After that in the afternoon we played cricket and did another rehearsal!

On Wednesday we did Arithmetic and reasoning. In the afternoon we voted for our leavers hoodies (we voted Jade as the colour) which every year six at Dr Radcliffe’s gets before they leave for secondary school. The current yr. 6 (us) are leaving in July L but it’s a new startJ.

On Thursday we did our second reasoning paper which was our final maths paper. After this in the afternoon we had a R.E lesson then had Games and played rounders (The first team won by ½ a rounder!)

Today is Friday, we have been for a 3k run and work hard on our geography essentials work, we have also had fun playing Dinkee Linkee.


Enjoy the bank holiday weekend!


By Joe Lamb & Oliver Davis