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Blog 26-04-19

The first week back!!


This week has mainly been SAT’s revision, on Tuesday we did maths e.g. 65,232 = 1812x36. After that, we went straight onto English and did some grammar work. We got a sentence and we had to find the subject, object, verbs, the main clause, the subordinate clause, adverbs, the possessive pronoun, the tense and the adjective of the sentence. If you got all of this right, you would get 12 points and probably a DHA!

This week we started to set the scenes for our play ‘The Bards Best Bits’ – a medley of 6 different Shakespeare plays (Twelth Night, Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Midsummer Night’s Dream)! We have currently set Twelth night part 1 and 2 and today we set Hamlet!!! We just need to set the scenes of Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet and Midsummer Night’s Dream!!

Next week, we are having a Mock SAT’s week, which will hopefully make us prepared for the real SAT’S the following week. We will be doing tests all around the week, which will most probably be the tests we will be doing in 2 weeks!!   

On Tuesday, we had a cricket match in the afternoon. We didn’t finish so luckily Mr Brigg let us carry on with the game on Thursday!! The final score was about 126:149!! It was really fun and it gave us a chance to work as a team!!

Mr Brigg was kind enough to buy the class a game of Dinkee Dinkee- everyone loves it and we have played it multiple times this week!

This week has been really fun and Mr Brigg has helped us with everything we need to know about what we will be doing in SAT’S in 17 days!! Hopefully, everyone in this class passes them with flying colours!!