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Blog 22-3-19

Year 6 blog – 22/3/19

This week has been really good because we were all still excited about the carnival costume DT day we had had last Friday. The DT day was immensely fun, we all had to design and build carnival costumes.

My table’s theme was Bird of Paradise and our costume turned out really well. We had all day to create our costumes and had a parade in the hall afterwards; you can see the final designs on the home page of the website!

On Tuesday, we did another exhausting run, leaving us all thoroughly worn out for the rest of the day, including in assembly, in the afternoon we learnt about The Notting Hill Carnival.

On Wednesday Mr Brigg was out delivering a training course, We worked on our arts Logs in the morning, creating art work and information pages about our amazing trip to London! In the afternoon we had music which was fun, followed by French.

On Thursday, Mr Brigg was back from leading his course and we had singing assembly where we learnt the songs for our Easter service.

In the afternoon, Mr Brigg was on PPA time and we did games with lovely Mrs Marshall and fabulous Mrs Sutton. We were split into two groups: one group did tennis on the playground with Mrs Sutton and the other did football on the field with Mrs Marshall.

I did football and was the captain of my team. That meant I got to choose my team. My team won 5-3!


On Friday, Mr Brigg told us two interesting facts. The first was that, on Monday the 1st of April, auditions would be held for our medley of Shakespeare plays. The second was that Mr Brigg’s family, the Brigg’s, are the only Brigg family in UK! Definitely learned something today!

Thank you for reading this memorable blog, and we hope it was entertaining!

Cecily J & Annabel J