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Blog 15-2-19

BLOG 15-2-19

This week we started learning about the London underground which was really interesting learning about the history- when we saw what the original underground map looked like before Henry Charles Beck re-designed it so that it looked like an electrical circuit.

We have also started collecting sponsor forms for the cross trainer and we are currently at 202km- we are trying to get to 1000km (we have a long we to go!).

On Thursday we had a cake-sale to raise money and it went really well- we managed to raise around £100!

We were all so excited about Friday as it was the P factor!

The P factor is when each person in every class learns and performs a poem to the rest of the class and the 2 best people go through to the whole school performance and the governor’s judge who wins!

The people from our class (class 6) were Joe Lamb with his Scottish accent and Florence Tuttle with her own poem-‘the elephant’s blue feet!



By Tabitha Hall and Florence Tuttle