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Blog 14-06-19

Year 6 Blog 14 – 06 – 2019

Monday was a very enjoyable day. We finished our work on ‘The Origins of World War Two and The Treaty of Versailles’ which – in my opinion – is extremely fun. We get to choose how to set it out however we want (as usual) and can work with a partner. We have to explain from the end of World War 1 up until the Dawes Plan, which doesn’t seem like much but Mr Brigg lectured us on it for nearly an hour! After school was, for some of us, choir. We did our first rehearsal on the stage in preparation for the concert at the end of the year.

On Tuesday, we were (again) finishing of our WWII and Treaty of Versailles, which was very interesting. In fact, it was almost as interesting as our environmental projects!

On Wednesday we had to try finish off our: Origins of WW2 work, environment work, special country study work and water cycle work. The whole day, me (Annabel), Cecily and Oliver tidied the library to make it look lovely for the opening evening that evening. We joined in for was drama in which we practised our play, The Bards Best Bits!

Thursday kicked off with singing assembly, which brightened up our day. All in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day, we also started our ‘Women Who Changed the World’ writing project.

Friday came at last. Sophie and I  have been doing some work on a charity called Heart Felt Tips. It is a charity that donates full pencil cases to less fortunate children or to a charity that can then pass them on. We gave out a pencil case (provided by the charity) to each of the children in the class and Mr Brigg, Mrs Sutton and Mrs Marshall. To find out more about this charity, go to Also, we got our books marked yesterday and got them back today. Three people got a double DHA, which is the top award a Year 6 student can get from Mr Brigg. All in all, a great week! JJ

I hope you enjoyed this blog, and that you look forward to the next one! Cecily & Annabel J