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CLASS 6 BLOG – 5th November 2021

By Bella & Niamh

Day one in Year 6, it was super welcoming and we couldn’t have asked for a better day! We got straight to work, even though we were probably the only class that went straight into work it was very enjoyable and we had lots of fun (any work Mr Brigg sets you will be really fun!)

We had some sporting events before half term which we shall tell about now: to start the sport season of we had a netball tournament, most of year six went they were split into three teams and did really well but we think some of the teams didn’t know the rules and got away with it! Secondly there was a mixed tag rugby tournament with in which one of our teams landed seconded place!

We have started our Christmas show (Snow White and the seven dwarfs/jockeys! – it’s all based on Roald Dahl’s revolting Rhyme of the same name) we had auditions which went really well. Mr Brigg was super encouraging for us to sing a solo. So far, we are quite far ahead in rehearsal and just recently we have started to prepare the costumes.

In Year 6, we are lucky enough to be able to go to London in the spring of 2022 the amazing ideas from the class reps is for each of us to write a small story to go into a book with the rest of the class’s stories, all are stories will be suitable for KS1. We will also have a rowing machine in class so that we can row the length of the Thames. This will all help us raise enough money to pay for the whole class to go and see a West End show in the afternoon; we’re very excited because we have chosen to go and see ‘Back to the Future’ – the musical.

After half term we had a great first week where some Year 6 children went to a swimming gala at Sibford Ferris as well as that there was also a girls tag rugby tournament where we split in two teams (one of our teams won the whole tournament!)

So far me and Niamh loving year 6 and are excited to see what the year brings ahead!