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This week’s blog


This week, on Monday, Ben and Otis delivered a special Greek acting lesson and each group had to perform a small play based on a Greek myth from Theseus and the Minatour to King Midas and the Donkey Ears.

Tamsin, Oliver and Katie-Fay planned a P.E lesson for us and we played silent bench ball.

We also did some R.E with Mrs Dunkley.

We had a music lesson run by Otis, Daisy and Amara to the song Rocking Robin by Michael Jackson, we were split into three groups and some of us were singing while some of us were playing drums, xylophones and triangles. At the end of the lesson we all performed our piece to the rest of the class

On Thursday, we carried on practicing our dance “You cant stop the beat” from Hairspray, we also had French and we were listing things in our pencil case and then did a test at the end.

On Friday we decorated our art logs with pictures relating to performing arts.

We have also finished reading the Terrible thing that happened to Barnaby Brockett and will shortly be writing the next stage in the book ourselves!

       Please note that our Christmas production will be filmed next Thursday.

By Clemmie and Devron