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This week has been really good. On Monday everyone finished their writing on modern retellings of fairy tales and they were all spectacular!

On Tuesday, we did P.E and we played diamond cricket. We also moved onto sport in classical Greece instead of the myths and we learned about women equality in the Olympics.

Wednesday, we did computing on the invention and timeline of the phone and Alexander Graham Bell. We also did music with Mrs Dunkley about ancient Greek instruments.

Thursday was AMAZING!!!!!! We did a BMX workshop with former champion Mike Mullen! The whole class absolutely loved it. We did several tricks with him such as the ‘can can’, the ‘bar hop’ and ‘riding no handed’. BIG ‘THANK YOU’ to Mr Fane for organising it!

On Friday, we have just finished our Olympic work and we have also had circle time and we played party quirks so as you can see how amazing this week was amazing and we hope to have many more.

By Clemie & Devron