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YEAR 6 BLOG-18/11/2022

This term, Year 6 have been up to lots of rehearsing, designing comedy & tragedy masks, and architecture work!

 Here is what we have been doing this Autumn Term 2.

Our Year 6 production, Christmas Is Forever, has required a lot of practise these last few weeks.

There’s been lines to learn, songs to choreograph and jokes to crack!

The story of the show… well, we’d better explain.

The star/hero of the show, Jane Blonde, is forced to rescue our beloved man in red from the evil villain…Scarymonger! With the help of her fellow agents from MI6, the ingenious inventors from the Gadget Lab, and a few very talkative elves, can she defeat the notorious scoundrel and his Henchmen….and save Christmas forever? Well… you’ll just have to watch the show!!!

In Science last week, we have been learning about the human circulatory system. This is about how deoxegenated blood travels to the heart to get oxygenated and how it travels back around the body.

In History, we have been learning about Classical Greek architecture & theatre. Did you know the Greeks had 3 types of columns? Yes, in Ancient Greece the columns were called Doric (plainest and simplest column), Ionic (these had little scroll designs at the top) and Corinthian (the fanciest and most expensive column to be carved). Year 6 have also been designing their own clay mask models. There have been some great designs around the whole class, and we think we may be the best class yet!!!

Anyway, we hope you have a lovely day, and have thoroughly enjoyed this blog!!!!!!

Kindest regards,

Sarah & Eli :0)

Bloggers of Year 6