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Monday 14th:

In the morning we rehearsed Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night Dream famous play of fantasy and finished of our work from last week and we did our art logs covers and some pictures inside them. In the afternoon we made a Greek Quiz, which was really fun.

Tuesday 15th:

We finished of our Greek Quizzes and did some C.G.P maths. Then in the afternoon we did an R.E assessment and a relay, some of the things were: Holding a Ball Between your legs and running, Stepping Stones,  Single person Wheel Barrow, Piggy Back.

Wednesday 16th:

We finished off the covers off our art logs and put some things in it like some of our words we did at the end of our performance which has been sent out to parents. In the afternoon instead of doing computing we watched a movie called The Santa Clause and it was really good.

Thursday 17th:

We made some pictures to be sent out with the Nativity Performance to the parents and Mia with her amazing drawing won. After that we had a party where we played: Limbo, Musical Statues, Pass the parcel. In the afternoon we watched the movie Elf.

Friday 18th:

In the morning we played games then we had celebration assembly outside. In the afternoon we sang some carols and sang Twelve Days Of Christmas in front of the whole school and then we got some hot chocolate and chocolate coins from some parents who kindly came to help!

Then we finished Elf and then started to watch Nicholas Nickleby. We would like to wish Shaun and Ava a Happy Birthday and we wish everyone….

Merry Christmas



By Otis and Ashley