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Today, Mr Brigg asked us to finish all the work that we started at the beginning of the week. One of these tasks was to complete our Topic work, ‘Domestic Life in Athens’. Did you know that girls in Athens were the property of their father until they were married off at the age 14-15?

Every Friday, we get Golden Time if we manage to get 100 Class Points. If we don’t, then we have to carry Science over to our time that we would have had for Golden Time. In Science we have been doing animal classification and with Mrs Dunkley which stemmed from the three life forms: Fungi, Fauna, Flora.

On Thursdays, we do French with Mr Brigg and we have been translating the Mr Men stories into our books. To keep all our bubbles separate, and to minimise contact, Mrs Stansfield teaches other classes but Mr Brigg is qualified to teach us French as well.

Thank you,

Nella and Iggy.