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On Monday 7th:          
 We did some maths and in that we did finding quantities of numbers as well for our morning work we did spellings and had to right down clues for our partners to work out. In the afternoon we did some Greek work using the Greek language and finding what words we get from it in English.

On Tuesday 8th:

Mia ran a math lesson with astronomical units which is 150000000km and answered some questions she also asked us to choose a planet to measure how far it was from the sun. While that was happening Mrs Brown’s Math Group did some Fractions and Decimals. We started to plan next chapter on Barnaby brocket. In the afternoon we did some R.E with Mrs Dunkley and we did some work on the words we have in our performance of a Beautiful City ( and it will be shortly released. We did P.E after that and we ran 10 laps of the playground while wearing a Santa hat for Katherine House Hospice and Amie raised £160. Great Job Amie😊!

On Wednesday 9th:4

We started writing Barnaby Brocket Chapter 27. We also did some maths in our C.G.P Books and Mrs Brown’s Math Group Did Some Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. In the afternoon we did computing trying to finish off our Greek myths and legends scratch projects. We also started to learn our Twelve Days of Christmas dance.

On Thursday 10th:

We did our filming to the Song Beautiful City (Tuesday if you want the song) we went up and did it in the woods and it was freezing cold. There was a man called Neil who was filming us with 3 cameras and luckily it only took us 1 take overwise we would have been standing in the cold weather for a long time. We then started watching the film Nicholas Nickleby Written by Charles Dickens. We then in the afternoon did Ashley’s French lesson where we did a kahoot quiz which was really fun but very loud and the winners were Clemmie and Nella and the Runner Up was Simon and Holly.  In P.E we finished off our dance to a song from Hairspray.

On Friday 11th:

We finished off our Greek Work and our Barnaby Brocket Chapters. Then we had celebration assembly outside for the first time in a while and the people in our class who got a Head Teachers Award were Ben, Archie, Amara and Ashley. We then did some reading of our Shakespeare Play Midnight Summers Dream. In the afternoon we finished the movie Nicholas Nickleby and had golden time.

By Otis and Ashley