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Travel to School

We encourage all families who live within walking distance of school to walk whenever possible.
Children in Years 3,4,5 + 6 may walk home unaccompanied provided we have received written permission.


Travelling by bicycle
We prefer children to cycle to school on their own only if they have passed their Cycling Proficiency Test.


The school bus
Children living in Middle Aston, North Aston, Duns Tew and Over Worton qualify for free school transport. There are certain recognised picking-up places and you should clarify which is the most appropriate before your child starts school. Unfortunately, insurance difficulties preclude friends from travelling home with school bus users.

Bad behaviour on the school bus/minibus may result in your child being refused facilities for a prescribed period. Please emphasise the need for sensible behaviour, both on the bus and at the bus stop in the morning.

Please provide a letter if there are any changes to your child's usual travel arrangements on the bus. This may save a great deal of confusion and even the possibility of a search for a "missing" child.


Travelling by car and meeting your child after school
If you collect your child by car please do not park on the zig-zag lines outside school of Pre-School.  The school car park is for the use of staff, visitors and deliveries. Car parking spaces are available in Robinson's Close and the Village Hall car park. Please make sure vehicular and pedestrian access to the Village Hall are kept clear at all times.