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School Uniform & Equipment

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 Years R, 1 and 2:            

Black/grey trousers or shorts

Black/grey skirts or blue and white summer dresses

White polo shirt (preferably with the school logo)

Royal blue V-necked jumper/cardigan

Black, grey or dark socks



Years 3, 4, 5 and 6:         

Black/grey trousers or shorts

Black or grey skirt or Blue and white summer dresses

White shirt and school tie

Royal blue V-necked jumper/cardigan

Black, grey or dark socks


N.B.: Trousers should be smart and should not be jeans, cords, excessively wide or leggings.   Infants do not wear ties, but they are compulsory for all children in the Junior classes.


Shoes: black trainers or dark coloured sensible shoes should be worn. 


Essential Sports Equipment (to be kept in school throughout the week)


All Year Round (all classes)

Black shorts/skorts (not football shorts or cycling shorts) and a royal blue logo polo shirt/white top;

for outside sessions: trainers.


N.B.    For health and safety reasons, normal clothing is not worn for games/P.E. and no jewellery is allowed, including earrings and watches.


Winter Games (juniors)                  

Black shorts/skorts, royal blue logo polo shirt, football socks, trainers/football boots with rubber studs

blue/black tracksuit in very cold weather


Please note that a school logo tracksuit will be available from Mapac this summer, but is optional.



Summer Games (all classes)

Blue shorts/skorts, royal blue logo polo shirt



P.E. kit should be kept in a bag, which should be clearly labelled with the child’s name on the outside.                      

Swimming:   (juniors)

Short swimming trunks/suit, swimming cap, towel


All clothing, shoes and equipment should be clearly marked with your child’s name.   Please remember - all uniform looks the same unless labelled!


No jewellery may be worn in school and no badges, other than those of recognised youth organisations or awards.   For health and safety reasons, we ask children with pierced ears to remove their earrings before coming to school in the morning. Watches may be worn, but the school cannot accept responsibility for damage or loss.  


Lost property is kept in the green bin in the entrance hall.


Other Equipment

Please discourage your child from bringing toys or games and equipment to school, unless requested to do so by the teacher.