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Safer Internet Day Competition 2020

Dr Radcliffe’s E-safety Competition


Safer Internet Day was on February 11th 2020 and the theme this year was “Together for a better Internet”. It focussed on encouraging everyone to think about identity online, looking at how the internet shapes how they think of themselves and others. This year the campaign used the hashtag #freetobe – exploring all of the things that young people should be free to be, when they are online. We ran a whole school competition on this theme.


Safer Internet Day Website


KS2 children were asked to design a poster that shared the message.

Lets create an internet where we are free to be…..”

and included things about themselves that they would like to feel free to be like for example: a music maker, funny, someone who doesn’t like ice cream, an animal lover, a football enthusiast, a caring friend, dinosaur mad, scared of spiders, …etc

Reception and KS1 children were asked to design an avatar (icon or figure) that they would like to use to represent themselves.


We had lots of amazing entries and it was great to see children really thinking about their online identity.


Congratulations to Eva and James our KS2 Winners and Jude and Edie our KS1 winners!



Our four winning Entries