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Monday 2nd November

It was great to be back on the woods on the first of a new term. Lots more leaves had fallen off the trees since we were last in the woods before half term. We played a game of Hide and Seek where Mrs Goldsworthy hid from us to start with. She was a bit tricky to find as her water proofs were well camouflaged but her pink wellies did eventually give her away. Then we all had a turn at hiding and Mrs Goldsworthy had to find us this time. She said that our hiding was much better than last time as we were choosing better places to hiding and we used our waterproofs to be able to lie down and hide in the shrubs a bit better. 


Mrs Goldsworthy then showed us how we could, if we wanted to make, make a nature crown using leaves and other things we could find on the woodland floor. After we'd been creative, we had some free play which was great fun.