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Blog 29-03-19

Year 6 blog – 29/3/19

This week we started reading our scripts for our play, The Bard’s Best Bits – a medley of 5 plays by Shakespeare. Everyone is slightly nervous for the auditions next Monday, because of how scary they can be!!!!!!


So, with the auditions looming ever nearer, Tuesday kicked off with our 2k run. It was actually quite pleasant running because of the warmer temperature.

 With the people sitting next to us, we began to plan a virtual day trip to London. We had a £500 budget and an all-day pass to the tube already bought for us.

 We could do anything we wanted as long as the total was £500 or under. My day started by leaving Marylebone at 7am and goes all the way on to around 11pm before I leave as I am virtually going to the theatre!


Everyone is getting geared up for our awesome Easter egg hunt next Friday, Mr Brigg and Mrs Sutton will hide 60 crème eggs around the classroom at lunchtime and then we will get given clues to two crème eggs each!

By Tabitha and Annabel J