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Blog 19-10-18

Year 6 Blog-Week 6


This week had been a great fun packed week! It was Cultural Week and if you had any cultural clothes, you could wear them for that day only. Many people also brought in artifacts from other from other countries. For example: Cecily Good (year six) brought in a grouse foot from Scotland and Amelia Letley (also year six) brought in an ostrich egg!!! It was a fun filled day and everyone was excited for the week to come. We hoped to be doing a salsa workshop, and African drumming!


On Tuesday, we did the SSAALLSSAA! It was a hugely enjoyable taster class, despite leaving all of us (including our teachers) looking like we had just had a shower! Tilly Mortimore (year six) said ‘I absolutely loved it! It was my favourite class by far.’


Wednesday was another day packed full of culture. We had a Slapping Skins African Drumming Workshop. It started off with an assembly at 9am. We learnt loads, such as there are no guinea pigs in Guinea! (I thought this was a rip-off)! African drumming was really good and everyone enjoyed it. We learnt the three notes. Sadly though, we couldn’t do our usual run today or Monday because of all the extra things planned for us for culture week. 


Thursday was the Indian stick dancing (led by Mrs Wright), which was very complicated, but fun!! Maya Cawte – a year six – commented ‘Very fun to do and interesting to learn about the diversity of the culture.’


Friday was incredible. It kicked off with a whole school assembly in which every class presented a little of what they have been learning about. We did the ‘Haka’ (an ancient war dance invented by the Maori tribe, which is still used by the New-Zealand rugby team) and had to wear tribal face paint! After the assembly, we had a taster of lots of languages from parents of different cultures. The languages were: German, Polish, Hungarian, Greek and Italian. We are also hoping for a food taster after school.


We very much hope that you found this blog entertaining!

By Annabel and Cecily