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Welcome to the first blog of the new academic year!
During the Coronavirus pandemic we have been using a software app called Seesaw to continue topics instead of coming to school. Moving up to Year 6 was another big change, however, we were incredibly excited about setting an example to the rest of Dr Radcliffes' as when we were in Year 5 we looked up to Year 6 as our role model class.

On Thursday, our first day back,we were all thrilled to see our friends again for the first time in six months. Mr Brigg showed us all our books and explained how Year 6 worked. We were all assigned different management jobs such as: Cloakroom Manager, Dance Manager, Library Managers, Sports Managers exc.

On the two days we were at school we did a couple of tests to show Mr Brigg what we knew and what we needed to practise.

For our first term this year, up until Christmas, we are learning and studying Classical Greece. We learnt about Mount Olympus and the halls of sunshine and clouds, on top of this we also learnt about Zeus, The King of the Gods, who ruled over an empty world until he ordered two brothers to create life - it is really interesting.

So far we are much enjoying Year 6.

Thanks for reading!

Nella and Issy