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Over the week, we have been doing an information page on Greek Gods and Goddesses; Mr Brigg is an incredible teacher and he will transform every page in our books into worthy masterpieces.

During the space of this week, we have been learning how to continue the modern re-telling of a classical tale, such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Sing a Song of Sixpence, and twist it into our own story ending whilst also keeping the same format as the original tale.

Every Friday, we’ve been arranging the classroom so that we can do circle time; we express our feelings and play hilarious games, like ‘Worst Person to Be Stuck in a Lift With’ and ‘Party Quirks’.  In addition to this, we have been doing a whole school assembly out in the playground. Mrs Brown hands out awards to whomever she thinks has done a good job that week.

On Thursdays and Tuesdays, we do P.E. We play games such as Rounders and Netball but with slightly different rules.


Thank you,

Nella and Iggy