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This Week:



On Monday we started doing some work about Greek politics and some people finished off their conflict in ancient Greece work.

On Tuesday we has RE and PE and in P.E we did some workouts with Mrs Dunkley which were quite tough!

On Wednesday we had music, which was run by Jasmine, then in computing we went on a programme called SCRATCH which was really fun.

On Thursday we did some French translation work and P.E and in P.E we played  netball.

 On Friday we found out who won the competition for our work about conflict in ancient Greece and Izzy won, she got some post-it notes, a medal and a fancy pencil.

because everyone worked so hard in their Greek work we all got a Head Teachers Award!

We also had circle time followed by test hour and in the afternoon we had continued our science lesson on The Human Circulatory System and then had Golden Time.

Have a great weekend!


By Ashley And Ben